Saturday, May 8, 2010

Glass Paintings Tutorials, Videos, Patterns, Articles

Glass Painting Videos
Glass Painting Tutorials/Articles
Glass Painting Patterns
Glass Painting Services- Buy paintings, tools, colors
How to do Glass Paintings
Glass Painting FAQs
Tools and Materials for doing Glass Paintings
Glass Painting Tips and Tricks
Radha Krishna Glass Paintings
Lady Scenery Glass Painting
Love Birds Glass Painting
3 Ladies Glass Painting
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Stained Glass Painting Video
Glass Painting Outlining Video
Glass Painting Demo Video
Direct and reverse mode glass paintings
Patterns in reverse mode Glass Paintings
Glass Pieces for Glass Painting
Thin outline for Glass Painting
Using Piping Bags to create Glass Paintings
Combining Different glass paintings patterns
Tracing glass paintings patterns
Cleaning glass surface for glass paintings
Glass paintings Outliners
3d Outliners for glass paintings
3d effects on glass paintings
Glass colors for glass paintings
Obtain shades in glass paintings
Different colors on a single glass painting pattern
Applying Glass Colors on glass paintings
Glittering effects on glass paintings
Layering effects on glass paintings
Background coloring on glass paintings
Kinds of glass paintings
Borders on glass paintings
Make Glass Paintings Outliner
Glass Pieces in Glass Paintings
Lighting and Glass Paintings
Use Glass paints in an effective manner
Experiments with glass paints and outliners
Search and Modify patterns for Glass Painting
Framing and Glass Painting
Removing Old Glass Painting

Above given links are very useful links for doing glass paintings. You will get free glass paintings patterns, free glass paintings outlines and sketches. You can lean how to do glass paintings by reading the given articles. Tips and tricks provided in the site is very useful for glass painting artists to do complex and fabulous glass paintings.


  1. Lately I've been into art. After nail art, now I'm looking for some easy glass painting designs and patterns that I can start off with. Thanks for giving me some ideas. ;-)

  2. very nice.I was not aware about glass painting
    but after seeing this I wanted to learn.Nice article.